Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

NO!  I'm not looking for a Good Man. . . I got one.

But where are all the good men for all these good women that I know?

I associate with a few good women at my work,

Who are freakin' amazing and so darling.

The are educated,

They are creative,

They are cute!

They chat with me sometimes about there not being good men around who will date them.

Where have they all gone?

Because they are missing out!


Jewels and Ry said...

Let me know when you find out. ;) Julie

Wendy said...

Julie, you top the list of who I consider to be an Amazing Woman!

Luckily for the world, you are raising a good man!

Don Livingston said...

Honestly the view from the other side of the fence is just as frustrating. A lot of difficulty arises because from a man's point of view women don't want "good" men. They either want a perfect man (whatever that is) or a man whom they believe they can mold into thier idea of a perfect man.

Every man is a work in progess, and while we apreciate a woman's input and support, no man likes being told what to do and who to be.

Muzikal Mama said...

Tell me about it!

Even though I don't consider myself "looking" for one, my current philosophy is:

Once burned (big time)...twice (or twenty times) shy.

Sadly, too many who are "available" are that way for a reason.

Kim said...

I would like to know the same thing!They certainly are not around me...the single ones that is!