Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allegory of the Half Marathon

A few weeks ago in church a man stood and compared this life experience to his job.

Luckily he is a builder and I understood MOST of what he referenced.

In the past few weeks, as I run, I have been left with nothing but the thoughts in my head for miles at a time. These thoughts have always turned to how this life experience is actually like running.

For example:

Running is hard work. At this point in the game, I could not participate in the race if I hadn't put in the hard miles the last few months. It has been hard - there has been chaffing (don't ask where!), blisters and freezing fingers. But it was all necessary to get to where I'll be on Saturday

Running is not about winning. This has been one of the more significant things I've learned. I want to just FINISH the race. I don't have to cross the finish line ahead of anyone to be successful. I see people who run faster - who practice less - who weigh 1/2 my weight but I'm as happy for them to cross the finish line as they are for me. It's more about doing whatever crawling, running, walking, crying it takes to get me over that finish line.

Running succes relies on visualization. A huge emotional draw for me to keep at the running is to visualize my family waiting for me at the finish line. I know that they will cheer, take photos and let me drop, tired into their arms. They will think I'm AWESOME for doing this at all - no matter where I place. That keeps me going and I will rely on them come Saturday.

Running is a mental exercise. For me, the hardest part of running has been the mental work. The ability to overcome the demands of my physical body by focusing inside has been excruciating and exhilarating. I am more than just the physical being that you see -- I am stronger on the inside than I am on the outside.

I may never run another 1/2 marathon, 5K or mile after Saturday - I don't know what the future has in store in that regards.

But I do know that I am still training and running another race -- it's hard work, it's not about coming in first, I need to visual success and it's definitely a mental exercise. Perhaps I should put as much effort into that race as I have into Saturday's.

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Shauna said...

Whoa...that is deep for me this early in the morning. Well written! Well thought. I'm just proud of you for trying it, all of it. I know I am not alone in that feeling! You go girl!