Friday, March 20, 2009

Race Day

It's HERE!

(Well, almost)

I apologize for yet another 'running' post. But I wanted to tell you one of my methods for making it through this race on Saturday.

It definitely plays off of the Mental aspect of running, and I'm frankly excited about it.

As each mile ticks away I have chosen to spend each mile thinking of a certain person / or person(s) who means a lot to me and has been a source of encouragement.

Instead of thinking of my aching feet or weak muscles I'm going to mentally leave and enjoy some time thinking of my friends and family. (Warning - this may be more sentimental that you thought I was capable of. . . )

I have hesitated in posting this as I don't want to hurt any feelings but I wanted those whom I will list to know how much they've meant to me.

My Mental Marathon List

Mile 1 - Lisa Harris & Wendy Sheffield.

To my running buddies I dedicate this first mile. Without either of you I would never have had the thought to do this or the necessary support. Thank you for the crazy stuff you've talked me into and the counseling sessions while we've run. You both are amazing women!

Mile 2 - Leslie Clark.

You are my 1st running buddy and I love to think back to those laps around the gym. I may not have walked away from those runs with the strength I have now, but I walked away with a GREAT friendship! BTW - thanks for my AWESOME hat!

Mile 3 -

Mile 3 is usually where I finally get my breath back and start to settle in. It's the same kind of feeling I had when you finally came into my life. Here's to my 13 year old son!

Mile 4 - Kim Shaw.

I hope to dedicate my whole triathlon experience to Kim coming up in June. But on the off chance that doesn't happen I want to make sure that she is part of this experience. I think of her often and find that her influence continues with me even though she is gone. Kim - I will think a bazillion sarcastic remarks that I would want to share with you while running this mile!

Mile 5 - Friends In the Ninth Ward

Now, this is NOT an attempt to lump everyone into a mile! But it is for quite a few specific people in my neighborhood that make my days worthwhile. This mile is for the women I go to breakfast, lunch, dessert and movies with. The witty friend who makes me laugh, the friend who confides in me, neighborhood coalition friends, DVR sharing friends and stand-in-the-hall and chat friends. By Mile 5 my caffeinated energy gel will be kicking in and I'll be able to think of all of you before the mile ends!! Thanks for your support.

Mile 6 - Ethan.

Ethan, I stuck your mile here in the middle for a reason. As I cross the mid point of my run I want to honor that you are my middle child. Sometimes being in the middle stinks, I know. But for me the middle is a signal that I'm on the home stretch. It means I'm getting closer to where you are waiting for me - the same way I waited for you the day you were born!

Mile 7 - Jacquie, Joy & Jenny

I will pass this mile quickly thinking of all the kindness you have all shown me over the years. You are three of the most thoughtful women I know and I'm luckier than I deserve to be your friend!

Mile 8 - My PTA Friends (Shauna & Sherry).

Really, I just want to spend a desperate mile thinking how the two of you have already loaded up your cups with ice and Diet Coke. I'm loaded up on half an apple and some Gu. But I'm looking towards the finish line now thinking how I want to join you at the Gas N' Sip - I want to kidnap a man from the car wash - I want to sing "Love At Home" - I want a burger from the barn!

Mile 9 - Melanie.

To date, this has been my most challenging mile. I have to turn off the music and start verbalizing, out loud, that I can make it. I will probably be saying the words to myself yet again -- " I can do it, I can make it, keep going." But I'll also be hearing you say them because you have been great at giving me constant encouraging words. I appreciate it, and hope that in your life's mile 9 you can hear me encouraging you.

Mile 10 - Emma.

This is the farthest I have run prior to this race. It's the point at which I start to have a second wind, but my legs are aching and tired. Emma, you came along a little later than I'd hoped. I'm more tired and aching than with the boys. You gave me a second wind when I thought there was none.

Mile 11 - Jeff.

No, I didn't forget you honey. But I saved you to think about during this mile for a reason. They tell me it's the hardest -it's towards the end of the race and is pretty much up-hill. I'll need your help and thoughts now more than ever. You always come through for me when it's the hardest and we've kept plodding along together through many struggles. Thinking of you will get me through this mile and many more to come - I love you!

Mile 12 - Mom & Dad.

I think it's about here that I will really start to see and hear whoever may be left around the finish line. Perhaps people will honk as they drive out of town, having finished the race quite a bit before me. But it's here that I will think of my greatest cheering section -- my mom and dad. Mom always cheered the LOUDEST at my games and it's only recently that I have listened and heard my dad's QUITE praise as well.

Mile 13 -

Will you think me overly mushy and religious if I tell you whom I run this mile for? Can I just not say, because it's too personal - too deeply felt? But please know that I will thank Him for all that I have and all that I can be. I will cry, I will rejoice in this mile and the journey will have been worth it!



Shauna said...

I sincerely thank you for including me to your lovely list--even if it meaning hearing hte words to "Love at Home" with or without the under-the-breath comments and Diet Coke refills.

I am so proud of you for preparing and committing to this race! You will be great! Thanks for being such a good example--in every way! I feel blessed to have you as my friend.

Joelle said...

Through the rears I can only say... you amaze me everytime you speak, laugh, or write... What an amazing person you are, an example to all. Thank you Wendy for being some one that every one looks up to and wants to be like. You make us all be better people by just knowing you

Anonymous said...

Good heck I meant tears not rears

Leslie said...

Well, people at work are wondering why I am a blubbering mess~! I miss so much living close to you and being a part of your life every day but am honored to be part of this list. My every thought from now till the race is done will be with you and this journey you are about to take. You amaze me. May you have fresh legs and the wind at your back!!!

Jacquie said...

Wendy, I too am honored to be mentioned on your list. I am in tears knowing that tomorrow will be a joyous day (because it is over) and a hard day because for some reason you enjoy doing hard things. I admire you and appreciate your friendship. Joy said the other day after breakfast "isn't it nice just to be with people who you can be yourself with" and I agreed. You are a special person that likes to put others further up on the list than yourself so I am thrilled you are doing this and can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck! Thinking of you!

Mel said...

I wish I could think of something humorous to say-like Joelle ;) -but since I can't, I'll share this:

You are an inspiration to all! My thoughts and excitement are with you for your big run tomorrow... What an exhilarating feeling you'll have when you cross that finish line! You have worked so hard for this and have pushed yourself far. Never giving up (like always). I sure look up to you and am honored to be included in your list.

Wendy--All of us are lucky to have you in our lives! You deserve every success and happiness. I can't wait to see you run that last stretch!

Davis Family said...

By now you are probably propping your feet up and enjoying your victory! Congratulations:)

Sherry said...

Awwwww.....totally did not anticipate the tears in this post. (sniff sniff). We've been out of town since Wednesday BUT you were on mind this weekend knowing what you would be accomplishing. Good girl and way to go! Once again, you've made us ooooo and awwww, now me I shock and awe but not you.

FYI- I'll be thinking of all you gas & sip friends next time I'm having a kidney stone removed unless, of course, you're in the waiting room waiting to be next. Some things just aren't worth caffeine free. :)


Kr!sty said...

Well, the race is over now that I'm reading this...however, The lump in my throat is not. You are an amazing person and the more I learn about you, the more amazing I think you are. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful world. :)

tammy said...

Wendy, you triggered my boob switch, and that just doesn't happen very often. Remember when I told you I wanted to be you when I grew up? Well, I still do. You deserve every bit of praise you get, especially now! Sweet accomplishment!

Lisa Anne said...

Congradulations, Wendy! What an acomplishment! And how sweet to dedicate your miles to those closest to you. You are such an inspiration! I don't think I could have done it!

Terri said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I don't know any of the people you dedicated your miles to except the 13th. Your list is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.