Monday, March 2, 2009


Clearly, I'm having "Issues" lately.

either that or being a HERMIT is the new and acceptable "Norm"

However, in an attempt to re-engage with my life I'm taking advice from a recent study that shows you can create interest just by re-labeling it.

For example, the study evaluated kids who don't eat vegetables. You take a "carrot" and call them "X-Ray Vision Carrots" and suddenly there's a LOT more interest and eating going on.

Also, just take a normal, nasty canned pea and call it "Power Pea" and the kids will eat 50 percent MORE than what they normally would.

As I re-engage with my life I'm going to employ the power of labelling to generate some new excitement!

For example, I'm no longer just doing monotonous laundry. . . .

I'm Lovingly Laundering Loads of Lemon Freshness!

Also, I'm not just nagging kids to do homework . . .

I'm Piloting Young Minds to New Heights!

I'm not just providing endless amounts of conflict resolution for the PTA and Arts Commission . . .

I'm Providing Havens of Love and Kindness for the World!

And finally, I'm not just plodding through my daily life searching for personal meaning . . . .

I'm Treasure Hunting Amongst the Ruins of Civilization Seeking out Greater Light and Knowledge.

Do I seem more engaged now?

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Neighbor Coalition, we want to welcome you back to your blog. Its been a "blustery day in the 100-acre woods" without your entries. We hope that when you have discovered your life's meaning, you will impart that wisdom, and in which vacation, book, person, or beverage you found it to those of us still wandering aimlessly.

Jacquie said...


Grandma Vincent said...

You are hilarious! Keep 'em coming. You are WONDERFUL! Hey, we are going to go on the Sharon, VT to Kirtland, OH tour in Sept. Wanna come? It'll be fuuuunnnn! Love ya!!!