Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Plain CRAZY

How I spent my Saturday . . . .

(photo by K. Delaney)


Wake up and put on my running clothes hoping that Lisa will call soon to say it's too cold to go running

Lisa comes to pick me up - I shake my fist at the sky

Drop a car at the end of our run (the base of Provo Canyon)

Repress the scream in the bottom of my throat as we drive 4 miles past Vivian Park up the canyon . . . .Where we slide up and down the road we are suppose to run on. Trying not to notice the car overheating . . .


Reluctantly step out of the van into snow to begin a 10 mile run back to the first car. I start crying on the inside.


Watch wild turkeys fly overhead -- feel like a wild turkey running on the icy road.


Reach Vivian Park and can't feel my legs anymore. I make a mental note to not run in short capri's when it's 27 degrees outside.


Who knew I could run so fast up hill? When you are running on the road, against traffic with semi's and trucks FLYING by, you run fast just to get to the part where you're NOT on the road and facing certain death.


Suppressing maniacal laughing as the snow starts to fall.


Stumble over the 'finish' line into the parking lot. Wonder how I'm suppose to go 3 more miles than this in two weeks. Crying on the inside starts again. . .

10:50am - 6:00pm

Crash and Burn


Grateful for a good friend who pushes me to do new and CRAZY things! Everyone needs a friend like Lisa - thank you!

8:00pm (Back to crashing and burning . . . . )

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Davis Family said...

Wow! I'm impressed:) That sounds like a great way to spend the morning...for you anyway:)

Leslie said...

O my gosh!! I am so proud of you!! I love that when you put your mind to something you give 110% (even if you are crying on the inside). Don't worry about those last three miles, it will all be easier when it is not 27 degrees!!!

Jaime said...

Wow, Wendy that is awesome! Way to go.

The Wright's said...

Holy crap!! I am sore just reading your blog. The other night, I had a dream I was running and I woke up sore. What does that mean?

Anyways...I am so incredibly impressed and proud of you. I cannot wait to hear about your big run coming up. Good luck and just be sure to take lots of Glide with you. : )