Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scrapping Fun

I've been busy digital scrapbooking.

Mostly trying to make my pages from a few months ago look better after seeing my mother-in-law's great pages.

I have LOVED using Picasa to organize all my digital doo-dads and papers. (Carol: you should do this if you don't already). It makes this process so much easier.

Anyway, here's a look at some of my recent completed pages:

I'll be adding links on my sidebar soon of all my favorite digital scrapbooking sites - hope you like it!

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Tori and Steve said...

Very Cute! I haven't had much luck digital scrapbooking. I think I just haven't found the right application. I will have to try Picasa. Nothing else has worked for me. Where do you have them printed?

Leslie said...

I think you need to give me a lesson on this, I would love to do Chris' mission scrapbook this way~!
See you Sunday!!!!!

Shauna said...

When can I schedule a lesson with you? I have tried playing around with Picasa and I only confuse myself more.

I didn't think I was that mentally challendged...perhaps I have been deluding myself. Yeah, that is probably it.

Anyway, let me know if/when I can schedule a lesson. I'll pay you in lunch!

Sherry said...

DITTO!!!!! Lesson please....I'll bring the drinks.

Nik said...

Awesome Wendy, as usual! Love the new look of the blog too!

tammy said...

This is so what I should be doing......I have completely given up on the conventional way. Yours are beautiful!

kellieanne said...

Digital scrapbooking always was a "blah, blah, blah" word to me. Kind of like the lingo of all the adults in the Charlie Brown movies. It's out there, but it doesn't speak to me. UNTIL NOW!

So, if you do end up giving lessons - count me in!