Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Thoughts

I've been spending my last few days with a baby.

An actual baby, she's 2 months old.

In a very "Wendy-esque" manner I said "Yes" to babysitting for a friend through the end of May.

So far, it's been pretty good (3 days is a good indicator, right?). I kinda get little 'kicks' out of babysitting for a first time parent.

For example, the first day the baby came the binky was in the diaper bag, wrapped up in a plastic baggie.

It's led me to think about MY first time parenting skills.

For example, poor Josh didn't get a verbal word spoken to him for 2 months - I didn't know HOW to speak to a baby.

He probably thought he was deaf (kinda explains the listening issues we're having now).

Even after having 4 newborns in the house I think I'm still probably a first time parent.

I'm still experiencing things I've never had to deal with before as a parent.

Registering for high school, crying over homework, body hair, why clothes pile up NEXT to the hamper and the list goes on . . .

Perhaps I should not be so quick to tease a new parent.

What were some of your first time parenting struggles?


Sherry said...

Oh honey....there are many. My favorite is using the baby monitor while Hailee was sleeping in a cradle at the foot of our bed. The other monitor was on my pillow AS IF I would not hear her cry 3 feet away from me. But now....poor Blake, I just turn the monitor off. :)

And let's not forget when Hailee started Kindergarten I checked all the bushes outside the kindergarten classes for pipe bombs and THEN I parked across the street from the school using binoculars to look into her class. Someone called the cops and reported a "peeper" and I had to explain to the cop what I was doing. Yeah..yeah...I'm a dork!

Kr!sty said...

I think my hardest transition was going from so much freedom to being/feeling "Trapped". I had to go to therapy to work through it all. It was just not what I had ever imagined, it was WAY worse!