Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's official!

I have a vindictive personality.

I play a stupid, stupid, monotonous game called Mafia Wars.

You take your little gang of thugs and attack other people's ruthless teams.

I usually try to do this as politely as possible.

I attack a team here, a team there -- usually I attack twice when I find a team with a nasty name (my own form of righteous retribution).

BUT I NEVER attack one team more than twice in a row! That is just bad form.

There are people out there who do attack, like, 14 times in a row -- and when it's ME . . . .


I will do ANYTHING to get back at that person.

I put multiple bounties on their heads, I buy recruit additional mafia members, I stomp and moan around the house and finally raise my hands and call down all manner of Italian-mafia curses upon that person's family!

But then I remember a few things that rein in my fury:

1. I cannot spend $25 out of my account to 'recruit' additional mafia
members (see conference talks that refer to spending money wisely).

2. I cannot keep soothing my anger with pasta and meatballs.

3. I don't even KNOW the guy who is attacking me and for all I know
it could be Brad Pitt!

4. It's a freakin' GAME!

Clearly I have some aggression issues that need to be worked out.

Or I need to publish the Mafia Wars etiquette hand book.

Or I need to find something more productive with my time . . . .


Kim said...

I think you should just keep doing what you are doing and never change!

Kr!sty said...

LOL! ok, you now need to join me on Fashion Wars! I do the EXACT same thing..get all pissed off when some jerk hits me more than once even! I rarely attack more than once, only if I have no other options. Seriously though, you make me laugh (probably more b/c I see so much of myself in you!).

Amy said...

THAT is exactly why I ignore every mafia wars invite I receive. I would be exactly the same way. Besides Buildabearville is my game obsession of choice, I have to be nice, it could be a 4 year old kid.