Friday, May 8, 2009

Give Me Power

You can only begin to imagine the life I've led this week!

It all started with a little melt down of the power supply in my computer.

Jeff says "maybe" it's the power supply, but could be something worse.

When he says that . . . I go to my happy place, the one where terrible news like that can't touch me.

I have a 'temporary' computer that lets me do VERY minimal things. (Saving files to the network drives and listening to anything on the speakers does NOT qualify as minimal)

Good news is: The new power supply is sitting on my table RIGHT NOW!

Bad news is: Jeff is at work and the power supply is still sitting on my table RIGHT NOW!

If all goes well with the installation this evening I promise to blog a whole week straight -- yeah, that's 7 days in a row, baby!

And that's a promise to blog about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who ticks me off this week. I'm not going easy on people like I did last week.

So bring on the power supply! (or not, depending on how you think I feel about you right now)


Sherry said...

OUCH!!!! Your power supply must have been done when that annoying lady called you to help at the school auction. Now that you have a NEW power supply I'll let that annoying lady know she owes you chocolate covered strawberries to keep her off 'the list'. :)

Leslie said...

I knew it must be something 'bad', because you have been silent for way too long!! Sure hope installation goes smoothly... Looking forward to the next 7 days!

Unknown said...

C'Mon Jeff...get home...get that installed....then let Wendy write all the thoughts in her head. I want to hear about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

:) Shauna

Jacquie said...

It looks like next week is definately the week for our toes! I want nothing but happy thoughts going on in your head about me! Just forget my primary comments OK?