Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post 6 of 7

Despite what my family thinks, I can be nostalgic.

Twice this week I've had nostalgic moments when I've reflected on a place and the memories that have gone with it.

1st: The church in Midvale where my Uncle's funeral was held.

Also the church next door to my Nana's house.

Where my brothers and I would sneak behind the church house and pick all the pimento's out of our "delicious' Pimento Loaf sandwiches Nana would make us.

We'd do that on our way to the park that had the airplane slide.

We also would get snowcones nearby . . . Tiger's Blood is still my favorite!

This is also where Nana had her funeral.

I only remember playing basketball with all the cousins in the gym. Nana probably wanted to shoot us for being so loud and un-funeralish.

2nd - McDonalds

Yeah, I got all nostalgic at the local McDonald's. I really don't go here like I use to.

When we first moved to PG, Jeff's grandparents would come down at least once a week and take Josh, Ethan and I to McDonald's.

I owe them both for the 20+ pounds I put on in those years.

McDonald's is also home to many, many lunches when Kathy and I would take the kids to play and we'd just sit and talk for hours and hours.

I guess there are just places that make us reflect about our lives and what we've done. What place makes you the most nostalgic?


Jennifer D. said...

What cute girls! and great smiles!

kellieanne said...

Tammy old white house. We spend HOURS scrapbooking and sewing together when she lived there. Life just got to busy for that. Sad.