Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post 5 of 7

Blogging everyday is harder than you think.

And despite the fact that I said I would blog about anything and everything -

I just can't.

So, for today here are 10 random things that have been on my mind lately:

1. It's not polite to read your magazine during the funeral services of an uncle. At least that's the message I think the man behind me was subliminally sending to me.

2. I now know the difference between a butterfly, dbx, v-2, h-back and several other types of women's swimsuits. I just don't know which one the PG Swim Team will NOT complain about.

3. I can hold a baby and keep her from crying while I have my teeth cleaned. Just to clarify, the drool on that bib thing around my neck was NOT from me.

4. Painting the doors in the house is rewarding, especially if you get to replace all the nasty gold hardware with cool antique copper hardware.

5. My blood boils and I blow a gasket when my son plays with the garage door opener and closes it on my daughter.

6. Paranoia really is justifiable . . . did you see THIS report about the kid who had a pencil jammed through his neck!

7. I am competitive enough to want to win the Strawberry Days Children's Parade award. I think I've got a great idea!

8. Speaking in front of the city council makes me want to vomit as my knees shake and I tremble from nervousness.

9. Back to funerals - and any other family gathering - sometimes it's scary to see your genetic pool. I'd bet a hundred bucks that others thought that too when they saw me show up!

10. Were the last few episodes of House incredible or what?!?!?


Mel said...

These are so funny! Wait.... were you "smokin" mad about the garage incident? ;)

I think, by the way, that your Strawberry Days idea will win!

Hacking it up said...

LOVE that!! Hilarious1...except the part where the kid jams the pencil down his throat...that's not OK...My daughter did that same thing with one of those flags on a wooden stick on the 4th of July when she was 4...not cool...I don't recommend anyone do that. I especially loved when the Dr. in the ER lectured us about the dangers of letting your children run around with things in their mouth--really?!?! Wow! I wished you would have told me that sooner!!! Who'd-a-thunk? I usually just let her run around with scissors.....