Friday, May 15, 2009

Post 7 of 7

Thanks to Facebook I've done a little re-connecting with an old friend.

And by 're-connecting' I mean that I've added her as a friend.

You all know what a nut case I am when it comes to socializing more than that.

Basically I get to stalk her Facebook and Blog Accounts . . . . .

This whole reconnection made me take ANOTHER stroll down memory lane where I found this GEM of a Christmas Card that my friend and I did together.

We did this in 5th Grade, Mrs. Colby's class. We won an award at the local shopping strip - I think a gift card?

Anyway, check out the great art (I think it's funny that I have a stubborn camel on my side of the artwork).

The back of my side reads: "We did this on two papers because we couldn't make it small and good. Thank You." Also I wrote: "Man has many beautiful holidays but the one that man has cherised so much is CHRISTMAS!

Stephanie's side reads: " May people have peace forever and that they may have happiness on this beautiful Christmas Day! By Stephanie H and Wendy M"


Mel said...

These are awesome... love the stubborn camel!

kellieanne said...

Maybe the camel was stubborn because you had pants on. They prefer you ride them with a skirt. (Okay, I know it's the wise men, but whenever I see camel I think of your comment about wearing a skirt while riding one.)

Nik said...

How cute! SEE, you've always been creative!

Hacking it up said...

Awesome!!! LOVE IT! I can't believe you still have that!!! How fun! Why did we not pursue careers in art? :)
Miss Colby was such a pushover for us...remember when we asked her if we could walk to your house "to get something" while the rest of the class was outside playing kickball--and she let us go?!?!? We went and got dill pickles and something else because we were hungry and wanted a snack...why would she let us do that?...that would NEVER happen nowadays :)

we really should have been offered jobs at Hallmark.... ;)
love ya!xoxox

Anonymous said...

what's with all the brocolli coming down from the sky - were you as tortured as my kids?