Saturday, December 12, 2009

Open Letter

An open letter to my fellow ward members:


Dear Ward Members:

Merry Christmas, from the primary president!

I figured I should write you a note sharing the holiday spirit in case you didn't receive the message at the ward Christmas party on Thursday.

There may be many extenuating reasons you may have missed the primary's Christmas wish about the true meaning of the holiday. Such as:

You didn't come.

You were distracted by the donkey-clad boy who nearly fell of the stage, several times.

You were busy obsessing that Santa wasn't showing up the the WARD Christmas program.

You couldn't hear the song the Young Women sang and thus missed the message of a Silent Night, Holy Night.

You kept wondering what the primary president's child was laughing so hard at -- the whole time.

Your mind was busy anticipating the eventual clubbing of primary children by a staff wielding shepherd.

You were stuck in nasty traffic on the freeway, and even in an accident (hope you're okay Craig).

You were fortunate to have been out of town on business and missed the whole holiday fiasco.

I should pause to mention that I was the responsible person who tossed 'Breakfast with Santa' out the window this year.

I had thought a more spiritual message would be appropriate.

Sadly, there was hardly a spiritual moment to be found as we barely whispered the words to the songs, and potentially bored a few members into a coma.

So, once again -- MERRY CHRISTMAS from the 9th Ward Primary, in case you missed it on Thursday.


The Soon-to-be-Released Primary President


tammy said...

You wish. You know it's not THAT easy......

Kr!sty said...

HA! I apparently missed a grand event. *at least my name won't be tied to the fiasco* ;) good times. Glad I could support you.

Mel said...

That little donkey-boy sure is something else! But I would have to agree with Tammy. Overall...Everyone had a good time and there were some awesome musical numbers! ;)

kellieanne said...

Man! What I miss not being in the same ward. Could you do our program next year?