Monday, December 7, 2009

Utah Children's Choir

Tis the season for me to give shameless plugs!

This shout out goes to the Utah Children's Choir,

Who receives a grant from the Esteemed Pleasant Grove Arts Commission.

I was honored to introduce the choir,

And their talented director, Kay Asay,

At their Christmas concert last week.

I enjoyed the concert A LOT!

(Except for the part where I had to talk in front of people,

And Ethan announced he needed to vomit,

Before I talked in front of a lot of people)

The bulk of their songs were religious in nature,

And for Christmas-time -- it was perfect!

No Santa, no Jack Frost, no Reindeer.

It was beautiful and uplifting!

I admit I cried during the Littlest Angel song.

The wonderful news about this little choir

Is that they've been asked to perform with the Mo-Tab Choir!

They will participate in the Christmas Program,

Along with Natalie Cole!!

And David McCullough (author of 1776 and other books)!

They will sing as part of the Music and the Spoken Word on the 13th as well.

This is a talented group of singers,

Youth from the ages of 6 - 18 can participate (although boys are discouraged after their voices change).

And they are looking for new choir members.

Please, take a look at them this holiday season,

And see if you know someone who would love to join them.

You can find their website at:

Small warning -- everytime I try to watch one of the videos or music clips on their website -- my computer crashes.

I've written this post three times so far because of it.

I nearly posted a nasty-gram to UCC, except I remembered their beautiful music ---

And I'm still remarking on the talent they have in singing (not web making)

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Shauna said...

WOW! The UCC and the Mo-Tab! Add Natalie Cole and (my fav) David McCullough and that is one super show! Does that mean you get to go with them?!? Do you need any more adult supervisors? JK. I hope it goes beautifully, and KUDOS to the PGAC for hte support of such a lovely group.

PS--Sorry E had to vomit. That would tense me up too.