Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trim The Tree

Spent an enjoyable weekend having Stake Conference.

Elder L. Tom Perry visited our stake,

And during the Sunday session compared the story of Jesus' birth,

Found in Matthew and Luke,

To the roles of husband and wife in the gospel.

It was amazing!

I'd try to paraphrase what he said, but I couldn't begin to do it justice.

Instead, just trust me it was a great weekend --

And enjoy these little Christmas treasures from my decorated tree!

(P.S. No swear words were used in the decorating of my house this year -- yippee!)


Mel said...

Way to still have "Holiday Cheer" even with the freezing weather and dreadful snow! I love the angel photo :)

Peggy said...

Great pictures! And that was my favorite part about stake conference, too. I tried to explain it to my mom, but I wasn't able to do it justice, either.