Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Reading

The other night I ended up in bed a little earlier than usual.

(Frankly, I'm looking at an early evening tonight too, as I'm in my PJ's already and it's only 4:38pm)

Anyway. . . .

I was surfing around the internet and found some Good Reading.

I thought I'd pass it along,

Just in case you find yourself with some free time too.

1.  An Imaginary Farmer

This is actually my brother's blog.  My family grew up in Sandy, UT and come from parents who were raised in California.  Farming was not part of my childhood.  But my older brother is becoming a farmer, and his blog about it is pretty great.  The link above takes you to his first entry (which is my favorite).  You can click HERE for his current entry.

2.  Running From Camera

This blog was actually referred to a friend, who I think is familiar with Rotterdam.  But I like it because of the clever, clever idea of taking photos of yourself running from your camera.  I LOVE it!  I am tempted to do the same, but I'm worried about doing it due to the size of my BUTT and the small distance I can cover in 2 seconds.  I think Number 87 on this blog is my favorite!

3.  Erin Summerill Photography

I know, I know!  Most of you already are mucho familiar, and mucho in love with Erin.  But in case you aren't I just have to let you see how talented she is. I love looking through her website and seeing her photos.  She's freakin' amazing!  (I sound like I've been to Winger's lately).

If you want to see the awesome photos she took of the Young Family click HERE.  I get all teary-eyed thinking of Craig off on a mission and how Alex shared such a sweet missionary testimony on Sunday.  Awesome!

4.  P.S. I Quilt

My mom actually hooked me up with this blog.  And it's really just eye candy for me.  But one day I'll get more productive and produce one of these great quilt ideas! 

Well, that's it for today. 

Hope you have a good time surfing on some of these sites!


Peggy said...

Hehe. I wonder how often the running from camera guy thinks as he runs, "Please! No one steal my camera!"

I'm Erin said...

AW! I love you and you're the best. Thanks for making me feel so good today. Also, the Young family is AMAZING! I wish one day I'll have kids as great as the Young kids.