Thursday, April 1, 2010


I just got an email! 

Tomorrow is City Solidarity Day.

We are encouraged to show the Solidarity of the citizens of Pleasant Grove,

Against the stench coming from the solid waste treatment facility.

We are encouraged to tie toilet paper to our antennas!

I was going to do this TODAY as a sign that my life is in the crapper.

But I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

Does anyone think it's ODD that I got this Toilet Paper Solidarity email on April 1st?

No?  Okay, I'll tie toilet paper on  my antenna . . . .


Shauna said...

I didn't realize it was the 1st when I go that email too. Should I wait and see what happens tomorrow? Are we all going to be fooled?

Tori and Steve said...

I was planning on toilet papering my antenna until I realized my car does not have an antenna. And then, I didn't see a single car with toilet paper. Wow that really showed them!