Saturday, April 17, 2010

Three Reasons

3 Reasons I Won't Be Running On The Canal Again:

1.  Melanie saw a snake on the canal

2.  I saw a snake on the canal

3.  I think there's probably more snakes on the canal

'Nuff said!


kimpg3 said...

My first rule in life is to stay away from snakes because they are my worst nightmare! 'Nuff said!

Shauna said...

Thank you so this ultra-important public service message. I will not be on the canal either. Ever. Until the snakes are driven from the land, like in Ireland.

Mel said...

Um, I just have to say that if snakes can make someone run an 8-minute-mile maybe they aren't so bad after all..??

So funny! (yet disturbing).I still chuckle out-loud when thinking about this! Remember how after my run-in and freak-out you said, "thank goodness it wasn't me." (Only seconds later to have your own encounter)...ah, the joys of running!

Jacquie said...

Hey, you got a great time! I hate them too, I can't wait until the canal is all covered up!

Jaime said...

My count for snakes on the canal is up to 3. Two live and one dead. So gross!!