Friday, April 16, 2010


Our home is a cesspool of worry right now.

Worry about jobs,

Worry about school work,

Worry about responsibilities,

Worry about church stuff,

Worry about Emma getting married!

Yeah, a significant amount of my time the last week as been devoted to Emma and an oft-proposing boy at Preschool.

He asks her every day if she will marry him.

He asks her every day to hold her hand.

I'm freaking out.

Jeff and I told her that she can't hold hands until she's sixteen,

She told the boy that she can't hold hands until she's SIX!


Finally I went to Preschool and asked the teacher about the situation.

She said that yes, this boy does ask Emma to marry him.

And hold his hand.

But he also says he's a princess,

And wants to wear a wedding dress too.
I think I've just traded one set of worries for another!

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