Friday, August 13, 2010


Spent a few hours at the cannery the other day.

We were doing peaches.

And by "We", I mean "They". 

I was doing boxes, which had very little to do with peaches.

Other than they were labelled "peaches".

It was four hours of taping box bottoms, and sticking labels on boxes.

You'd think this would be horrible.

But I love it.

I think I'm cut out for production work.

Give me a job, get out of my way, let me get it done.

Of course it helped to talk to an older gentleman serving a mission there.

He told me about his recent divorce,

His son that had just gotten out of juvie,

And how volunteering as an investigator at the MTC 5 days a week has changed his life.


Testimonies and Peaches -- what can be better?


tammy said...

Testimonies and peaches made into a crisp with maple cream sauce. But only slightly. :)

i'm erin. said...

Awesome. But Tammy could be on to something. Maple cream sauce? oh my.