Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I think the only thing our family can count as a Summer Vacation activity this year was going to Lagoon.

We went back on the 23rd of July (yeah, I'm THAT far behind on blogging).

I hoped the whole day was  going to be  EPIC so that the children would remember we did Something during the summer.

It started out pretty EPIC as the boys were getting along and really chumming it up!

We increased the incredible-ness of the day by sending the boys on the Samurai.

Of course, that was a little anti-climatic as they waited for vomit to be cleaned up before they could get on the ride. (ewww!)

And you can't get more EPIC than getting mom to ride Cliffhanger and getting Emma to go on WICKED!

That's just CRAZY EPIC!

And what puts the whole day over the top more than ending it on THIS ride:

That's me trying not to hurl!

Don't worry, I kept the whole EPIC theme as I vomited all the way home. 

Sorry to Farmington, North Salt Lake and Draper for leaving a trail of EPIC in your city.

Happy Summer Vacation Kids!


Shauna said...

Ooooh, sorry Wendy. But I bet the kids will remember the day, regardless.

kellieanne said...

I leave all the EPICNESS to the kids to be had. I can't spin, free fall, go up and over, sideways and upside down. We went to Kings Dominion while in Virginia this summer and I counted my blessings over and over the boys are old enough to take off by themselves or take my adventure lovin' 5 year old on all the crazy rides.

Kr!sty said...

hey, at least you left your mark somewhere...and in your kids' minds. ;) what a good mommy you are!

Lisa Anne said...

What a small world! My family was the there the day before! Couldn't miss a chance to go to Lagoon!