Friday, August 6, 2010


Like an idiot, I volunteered for something new this summer.

While out to dinner with Jeff,

Moaning over all the crap I'm involved with,

And how I need to cut-back . . .

I accepted a request to volunteer to put teams together for soccer.

Did I mention I'm an idiot?

Anyway, I'm fielding questions from an irate parent today.

She wrote the wrong thing on her registration,

She didn't call me back,

She didn't email me back,

When I tried to clarify, over the last 3 WEEKS!!

Now she's angry,

And the fact of the matter is,

I can't fix it,

It's in someone else's hands now.

To top it off, she has her friend calling me now.

I want to shoot her,

Or maybe myself,

Cuz I'm an IDIOT!


Leslie said...

Didn't we talk about this!!!!

Kr!sty said...

oh boy! These kinds of problems are what hinder me from putting W in soccer again. The parents were RIDICULOUS to please and I got zero enjoyment out of it. Plus, he could have cared less. Sorry. :( boo to idiots (not you, though!)

Shauna said...

Hey, are these parents the SAME parents that also do swim team, and PTA, and Youth Theater, and Choir, etc., etc.,etc. ??!! They ALL seem to be idiots. You, my dear friend, are certainly NOT the idiot.