Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dream Interpretation

I have now dreamed of losing my teeth,

one by one,

Every day for the last week!

I find myself checking to make sure I still have teeth

During the day.

Because the dreams are so vivid.

(Ha, Ha -- I originally typed 'livid' instead of vivid)

I've checked several Psychic websites

And they suggest that I am worried about losing something close to me,

specifically my kids, since it's my front teeth that fall out.

They also suggest that I'm worried about losing control of something important.

And there's the opinion that it represents a fear of getting older.

Where do they get this stuff!?

It would be so outrageous,

If wasn't actually feeling those things . . . .

1 comment:

Kr!sty said...

Don't be afraid, Wendy. I would still love you if you had no teeth. And I would blend your food for you, too. <3 I mean, what else are friends for?