Friday, January 14, 2011


Had an hour to grocery shop today.

I was in a hurry.

Got stuck behind a car at Wal-Mart,

That wouldn't get out of my way.

I saw that they were making out.

Right in front of the store!

You know, that stop sign right in front of the crosswalk into the store?

They were making out right there.

Blocking me from parking and doing my shopping.

I honked!

They jumped!

And out popped the lady from the passenger side,

Apologetic for the kissing.

And crossed into the store while her sweetie cruised the parking lot waiting for her.

Shocking to me -- she was about 70 years old!!

Yup, some people still have their groove on . . . .

Felt really bad about honking,

The honk plus the making out might've resulted in a heart attack!


Jennifer D. said...

That's great!!

Kr!sty said...


Anonymous said...

I tried to teach you about honking the horn when you were young. I tried....