Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Heart Diet Coke

This isn't really a post about Coke.

It's more a post about the company that ISN'T Coke.

Let's just call them Mepsi . . . . . .

And let's say they have a little contest where you can Refreshingly vote to have them donate money to worthy causes.

And let's just say that the whole thing is rigged by THUGS.

You team up with the THUGS, you can get the $

You don't team up with the THUGS and you work hard in the cold  .. .., you get NOTHING!

Okay, you do get good skills at talking to people, working together towards a common goal, but you get $0

Also you get to Enjoy Diet Coke a lot, lot more!

(Sorry Lori, if I wasn't to share that Mepsi has THUGS in charge of their charitable gifting -- I tried to make the real situation 'disguised')


Kr!sty said...

Mepsi?! I mean really it necessary to post such a nasty word on here? mmmmmm, coke.

Angie said...

Cold was right! Thanks for all your help! And Ethan's, too!