Sunday, January 9, 2011


Something about the new year makes you want to finish projects.

I'm working on the scrapbooking from Israel -- 2 years in the making,

And I've been working on quilts.

I just finished this THING last night:

Clearly I'm not in love with it, yet.

The fabric was torturous to work with!

It was my first attempt at using my mom's handiquilter,

And it ended up square!  For reasons I don't want to go in to.

Emma's happy with it,

And on some level I'm happy it's done too.

On to the next project . .. . .


Shauna said...

Wendy--I think it is lovely...I adore the colors. Is this why I haven't seen much of you lately? You have been busy being efficient and productive? I miss chatting with you, my friend. Hope the holidays were great at your place.

tammy said...

Now I feel guilty about all my photos and quilts that lay in boxes. But I'm super happy for you! Hey! When we gonna make pie!?!! I'm ready!!

Kr!sty said...

oh, boy! Let's not get in to MY unfinished projects... :o
I really like the blanket, so what if it's square?! Minky is a BEAST to work with. I have 2 blankets with that incorporated into it & both are unfinished for the same reason! (well, and the fact that I have to either go to my mom's or try & sneak her machine here when I want to sew)