Monday, December 8, 2008

Fear of Flying?

Remember how I have paranoia?

Riding in an airplane is part of that paranoia. I'm fine if they fly straight and smooth, but the turbulance and banking turns put me in a tizzy.

Proof of my nerves is my selection of clothing for the flight . . . windbreak type pants. I figured if the plane goes down I could slip my pants off and more easily tie a knot in the pant legs and use them as a parachute than if I wore Levi's.

My paranoia was a little more heightened on the Newark to Tel Aviv leg when they announced that there should be no congregating near the bathrooms. I figured this was because the terrorists had done this before taking over the planes on 9/11.

The first time I went to the bathroom on the flight there was virtually no room for me to get to it. There were about 5 large men hanging out and congregating at the restroom! I freaked! First, this was totally against the warning from the flight attendants and Second, I have a phobia about using the restroom with people around

(Sidenote: In college I would walk half way across the campus in the evening to use the restroom instead of using the one in my dorm room where my roommates were -- it's a real phobia for me)

Anyway, I stewed all trip about this until finally I struck up a conversation with one of these burly, scary, bathroom congregating men. Come to find out, he's a New York Police Officer. He's on the plane with 29 other police officers on their way to Tel Aviv for terrorist training!

He was the nicest man and was open to chatting. He's Jewish and was great to talk to me about his religion and his job. I was truly fascinated with him and had a great talk. Something I should've done BEFORE I went to the restroom. . ..

Flying out of Newark on a 777 where police officers can congregate near bathrooms

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Sherry said...

Talk to Brent about PARANOIA on an airplane. He has some concoction that sedates him....I mean works for him.

kellieanne said...

I don't like flying too much, but I can do it because I want to visit too many places that I don't have a the time to drive to (Or - in your case, take a boat.)

I can't wait to hear all the details of your trip!

Nik said...

I've been to the airport in Newark too! Had to sleep in it, YUCK! But I saw the Statue of Liberty in the harbor as well. It really is real! :)