Friday, December 12, 2008

Israel Part Three

Yeah, I warned you all that there would be alot of these . . . .

Today's report is about the missionary graves in Haifa.

The graves of John Alexander Clark and Adolf Haag, both from Utah, are located here. These boys both served missions for the church in Israel and died while there.

Only the Lord could have foreseen that their deaths would lead to something great. . . The existence of the BYU Jerusalem Center. Without establishment that the church had been there prior to Israel becoming a state, we wouldn't have been allowed to have this building. And the graves of these two missionaries proved it.

Bob placing a stone on the grave of Elder Haag (I think)

And Elder Clark's grave who was from Farmington, Utah

"Birth into the world of spirts is a glorious privilege and blessing. The
greatest spirits in the family of the Father have not usually been permitted to
tarry longer in the flesh than is necessary to perform a certain mission.
They are called to the world of spirits where the field is greater and the
workers fewer." (President Heber Q. Hale, Idaho Stake)

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kellieanne said...

I am continually amazed at how the Lords hand has prepared for future events that those enduring them would never have known the significance of their occurance. Did those missionaries or their families every imagine that their mission and death in such a place would have a profound impact on future events? Did the prophet and apostles who signed their names to The Family Proclaimation have any idea that we would be battling it out over the definition of what marriage is today? All of these events and so many, many more testify of the exisitence of God and that he does have a plan.

Thanks for sharing.

Miss Mel said...

This is so incredible. Also, what a beautiful flower in the last photo!