Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Israel Part One

In numbering the different parts of this trip, I realize that there is potential to get to Part One Hundred before I'm finished. Please do not abandon me during my reports. Perhaps check back in after a month to see where I'm at.

Today I want to report on one of our first stops in Israel. We went to the college in Netanya. It is a small college serving only about 4,000 students.

As a group we had gone to see the Orson Hyde Square that the college has created on their campus. The college has a Strategic Dialogue group that encourages positive dialogue between religions that is phenomenal. The group's leader created this square as part of his agreement to take the post at the college.

The square is really quite something. All students must pass through it as they enter the college. As part of the square there are olive trees dedicated to each of the presidents of the LDS church. There is a sign with the president's information at the base of each tree.

In addition there are 6 palm trees dedicated to those LDS elders who have dedicated the Israel land for the return of the Jews. I was thrilled to see that one of my family's relatives had his name on one of these palm trees: Francis M Lyman.

The young Jewish assistant to the Strategic Dialogue group spoke to us of the school's mission. It is an honorable and important mission geared towards getting the Middle East people working together. He, himself, is a Jewish man from Canada who just happened to feel the need to move to Israel . . . interesting, eh?

~ My Relatives Plaque ~

~ Jeff and I in front of Thomas S. Monson's newly planted olive tree. We have had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours in this photo ~

~The 6 palm trees, Francis Lyman is the third one from the left ~

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Melanee said...

Those are amazing pictures!! I will have to live vicariously through you on this trip. You sound so amazing in your reports, I wouldn't mind a 100 of them. Have fun!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting as you travel. It is great for me, searted at my computer, to pretend I am traveling with you. Love the family connection with the plaque. Wow! can't wait for part NEXT.

:) Shauna

Leslie said...

Hey Wendy,
Thanks for taking us along on this amazing trip!! Hope you are having the time of your life:) Keep the reports coming....

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy, who knew Israel would have internet service??!!??

Sounds like fun so far. Be careful.

Also, just FYI, Sunday was testimony meeting and nothing weird happened.


kellieanne said...

I love reading about your trip. I've always wanted to visit Israel and I'm getting a feel for what I can expect from your "travelog" posts.