Thursday, December 11, 2008

Israel Part Two

Tiberias is on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. From our hotel we can look out on the sea and we are within comfortable distances to some of the Savior's many miracles. Completely cool stuff!

One of my favorite things about this area was our FABULOUS boat ride out onto the Sea of Galilee. The day was overcast but not stormy. We had a wonderful opportunity to sing "Master the Tempest is Raging" while on our ride. This was very moving to me and that's saying something as I'm usually a huge skeptic and stinker when it comes to manufactured spiritual moments. Guess you can't deny the location and beauty sometimes and the spirit gets through.

Don't think it was all spiritual hijacking as we danced to traditional Israeli music on board the boat after the song. We then had a lovely lunch sitting outside overlooking the sea. I ate Saint Peter fish, also known as Tilapia which had been freshly caught from the sea. I was dead in my tracks thinking of this and the fishermen of the Savior's time. Of course, I was brought back to reality as I watched local fishermen in motorized boats fish right in front of us with their nets. Still REALLY, REALLy cool to see as I ate my fish.

Bob & Carol on board the 'Jesus' boat that was specially made in Egypt for the boat owners

The dancing on board the boat! Just an unrelated sidenote but the cute Jewish boys have nice butt cracks (I'm pretty sure the Spanish ladies in our group took a photo - I refrained (barely)

My lunch of fries and St. Peter fish. It was fresh and VERY delicious! It made Carol sick just looking at it and she couldn't eat her chicken. We fed the bazillion stray cats who stared up at us from the shore. (Note the Pepsi Max cans -- this is Diet Pepsi - YUM)

The beautiful Sea of Galilee

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