Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Important Israel Info

Diet Coke IS available in Israel!

I am paying anywhere from $2 - $3 per bottle for it, but some mornings afternoons, it's worth it. And when I say "I am paying", clearly I mean "Jeff is paying."

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Jacquie said...

Small price to pay for a happy wife. On the amazing race you can have as much as you want. Have you tried the Lion bar yet? Yummy!

Kr!sty said...

LOL! Uh, I didn't even know you were in Israel. FUN! Who has the kiddies?

Shauna said...

These are important issues to clear up before international travel. In a pinch I have gotten by on Dr. Pepper (in Australia) and Orangina (in Tahiti--whent he only thing I had in walking distance was a vending machine).

Good to know for future travel reference.
:) Shauna

Mel said...

I love the Israeli Diet Coke label...I'm glad to hear your having fun and your "need" is being taken care of :)