Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Rain on My Parade

Very rainy parade days for Strawberry Days this year.

But I'm counting the children's parade as a SUCCESS!

I'd claim myself to be the winning entry --

But they didn't give out awards this year.

Too bad, cuz we were ADORABLE!


Shauna said...

As one who got to judge the floats on Saturday, making me an OFFICIAL STRAWBERRY DAYS Float Judge (with uncertain credentials as to how I got that gig), I award you, officially and with much pomp and circumstance, the Best Children's Parade Float EVER!

I subbed in Primary today and I told our kids about your float and all your Primary kids in their construction helmets, etc. when it was time for us to sing this song.

The message of the song brought tears to my eyes--how poignant and honest that song really is. If our kids can learn this message NOW, just think how much stronger they will be as youth or adults.

Thanks for giving me a chance to see the Gospel in Action through song, and accompanied by a fantastic children's parade float!

Nik said...

Awesome! Y'all are so creative!

Jacquie said...

First Place goes to the 9th ward. That house was the best house ever!