Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning HDR

I've been playing around with photomatix and HDR photography today.

I've not gotten great results since I've got wind blown foliage in all of them, which gives a weird ghostie effect.

Otherwise, I think it's pretty cool. You should see the HDR that Greg and Jacquie have done . . AMAZING!

P.S. On the photos in the previous post these are my camera settings:
Silhouetted: ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/1600 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 194mm
(this shutter speed definitely makes it too grainy)
Non Silhouetted: ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/160 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 194mm


Jacquie said...

Thanks, we had the perfect day at Temple square. Yours are awesome. I am so glad to know how it all works and to think all this time I thought all it took was pushing a button. Boy, was I wrong. I am sure we will be purchasing the program so feel free to come borrow it HDR is awesome.

Sherry said...

WHATEVER!!! I love the last picture. You, Jacquie and Greg have some amazing shots. We'll miss you tomorrow!