Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photo Fessions


is my new weekly feature where I will CONFESS something that I did from the previous week.

The catch is that I will do it in photo and word form. . . .

Don't ask, just look.

Here's my confession for this week:

Yeah, so I lasted a whole 3 days. That's like a freakin' record or something.

I know you have something you need to confess too . . . so try out my new Mr. Linky and post your Photo Fession on your blog and then link back to it here.

It's new, so I'm sure there'll be kinks and maybe no participants . . . but what the heck!

1 comment:

i'm erin. said...

OMGosh! I so tried to stop drinking diet pepsi and well we all know how well that went. ha ha ha...way to go!