Sunday, June 14, 2009

Team Kim

Saturday was the much-anticipated, glad-it's-over, TRIATHLON!

This time last year Kim Shaw and I were moved and motivated by the women who came in last at the triathlon.

We set a goal to be participants at this year's triathlon.

Kim didn't make it.

But Team Kim lived on!

And in her honor, several friends participated.

(Alex, Mom and Ethan on Team 1)

(Me, Melanie and Cherlynn on Team #2 -- Mom in photo with us)

Todd Davis also ran the race on his own. I hear he kicked BUTT! I made it to the finish line 3 hours after he did, so I'm sure he kicked BUTT!

Regardless, I found myself at the back of the pack in the race and in the most fortuitous circumstances walked with my mom and met a new friend.

Also, had the chance to award a prize to the Longest Race winner -- the person who finished last. It was a really emotional experience to hand her the prize and know that she's someone Kim would've been rooting for.

Kim, I miss ya!


Leslie said...

Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.

Shauna said...

You girls are always amazing, but especailly inspiring Saturday too. Kim would have been so proud!

Kim said...

Way to go! I'm glad that you went through with it.

Davis Family said...

Congratulations Team Kim! What a great way to honor her.