Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shed A Tear

Which one of these three things made me cry so far this week?

1.  Nasty gram letter from a fellow ward member calling me to repentance

2.  Jeff being laid off

3.  Finding a whisker on my chin

YUP,  it was the whisker on my chin that pushed me to shed a tear, or two!

You know how emotional facial hair can be. . . . .


Kim said...

I'm so sorry Wendy...facial hair is quite disturbing. All kidding aside, I'm sorry.

Shauna said...

If it would make you feel better, I had a temple lady today that could have braided hers and let it down to swing someone to safety from a raging river. Schnikes!

So sorry to hear Jeff was laid off, though. I'll ask Cam if he has heard of anything.

And what's up with the repentance letter?! Shall I write the reply for you?? If I did, we'd both be fired from our callings.

Em said...

I doubt it was a whisker! It was probably an eyelash that got lost!

I had a ward member call me to repentance once - except she did it with me in the Bishop's office. She had two pages of handwritten notes detailing my sins and outlining why I was unworthy to serve as ward YW president. She's the reason why I now suffer from high blood pressure!

As for the lay off stuff - we just survived almost two year's worth of un and underemployment. Glad it's done, but I wouldn't trade the lessons learned for ANYTHING. Hang in there - you're family will be in my prayers!!!

Kr!sty said...

WEDNY!!! 1st & foremost, facial hair CAN be waxed. Shed no more tears, you are normal. I have tweezed/waxed many a chiny, chin, chin in my day. It just sucks to get older as a woman. We grow hair while men lose hair. It's grand :)

#1...seriously, forget about it. Since I know that ward member, it's not their place to point out your sins. I've seen more than I want of theirs...if you know what I mean.

SO SORRY about Jeff. I cannot imagine. I know you are faithful & because of that you will be blessed. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

Love you!