Monday, May 24, 2010

Let the Graduations BEGIN!

Tis the season for graduations . . . .

Our first one is from Preschool,

Where they let just any crazy lady come:

But where they have a super great teacher:

And where Emma practically FLEW to her seat following the receipt of her Diploma:

I have loved that Emma goes to Miss Camalee's class! 

She has come home most days telling me about what Miss Camalee was wearing,

Which boy she is going to marry,

And always wanting to go back.

I, personally, will miss the preschool years . . . . .

And by that I mean:

I will miss Miss Camalee's Cookies!

The ones you get at the beginning of each year,

And the ones you get at graduation!

The Bitter-SWEET-ness of Graduation . . . . .

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Unknown said...

alright. spankin's all around. I didn't LITERALLY mean you could put this on your blog! Joker. :P