Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Think About

I've had a lot on my mind lately.

I can't seem to turn my brain off with all the stuff I think about.

Stuff like:

Why does Little Caesars Pizza have to be so NASTY when it is vomited up at 3am?!

Why is my memory so short when it comes to remembering if I've already added a dryer sheet to the laundry?  I go through 2 dryer sheets per load every time!

Why can't Target have dresses WITH sleeves in its little girls section?

How do Ethan's socks end up EVERYWHERE around the house?  One is on the counter (ick!) and one is behind the TV . . .

Just how crazy would I have to be to sign up to run a marathon?

Would it be wrong of me to go to next year's preschool graduation just so I can have the cookies?

Who wants to eat Kneader's French Toast with me next week before the kids get out of school?
Does a Summer Craft Camp sound like a good idea for Josh to make some money this summer?
Will everyone think I'm less white-trash if I get cool cement curbing for the yard tomorrow?
Why do situations get worse whenever I start monkeying with them?  Is there a law that says I can't make a bad situation better?
Oh, the list goes on!

And so does my thinking about them . . .  .


Tori and Steve said...

I want to eat Kneaders french toast with you this week before the kids get out of school!

Sherry said...

Let me know if Josh does the craft camp. I have a couple of kids who would LOVE it.