Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day ReCap

I never look at the 2nd Sunday of May as being the mandatory day that I must celebrate Mother's Day.

I like to look at Mother's Day as a series of moments that make up a complete 24 hours.

And on the 2nd Sunday of May I like to review those moments and remember my "Mother's Days".

Here's what I reflected upon yesterday:

30 Seconds of Mother's Day as Emma brought home a card and a sucker from preschool for me.
This actually took about 3 minutes to get the card, admire the sucker, give hugs.  But I'm only crediting 30 seconds since Emma took back the sucker and ate it.  She also spent the next 5 hours telling me I didn't love her and that she hated me.
2 Hours of Mother's Day as Melanie and I went to dinner at Five Guys and then re-pierced my ears at the mall.
Okay, Emma came along too.  But I wasn't necessarily talking to her.  She was talking to me, but she clearly didn't get that I was giving her the silent treatment.  She seemed to be over the earlier 'sucker ordeal' -- I was not.
1 Hour of Mother's Day as I received a card and gift from a neighbor girl.
Okay, I'm still getting Mother's Day goodness from this as I reflect on the thoughtfulness of others.  To recognize me as a Second Mother is really an honor that I can grasp fully and appreciate more than you can know!  Why can't arranged marriages be the norm anymore?
2 Hours of Mother's Day on Saturday as Jeff helped the kids mow the lawn and weed!!
The joy of not doing the lawn and weeding myself is D-I-V-I-N-E.  Plus, we look a lot less like the scourge of the 9th Ward now that we recycled our microwave, dishwasher and other assorted junk that we've had on display in our yard, for awhile now.
1 Hour of Mother's Day as we visited my mom and Jeff's mom.
This whole visiting thing took a lot longer than an hour.  It was wonderful to catch up with my AWESOME mom!!  She is amazing and everyday I think I become more like her (even the growing of whiskers on my neck!).  And visiting with Carol was lovely too!  My Salizza lunch was FABULOUS, but I had deduct Mother's Day time because I was in the car with Josh, Ethan and Emma.  At some point, that situation just deteriorates as you drive around Salt Lake for hours. . .
45 Minutes of Mother's Day as I got ready for church yesterday.

How unusual is this to have a Mother's Day moment on the ACTUAL Mother's Day??!?  But I was able to get ready for church with help from Jeff and listen to the Tabernacle Choir put on the most beautiful broadcast for mom's.  I actually went to church feeling the spirit - WOW!

.5 Seconds of Mother's Day as Emma was sent home from church with yet another sucker to 'give' to her mom!!
Rest assured that the sucker-giving was just as horrible as it was on Friday.  Please, please stop giving Emma suckers!!

None of this has added up to my 24 hours of Mother's Day Moments.  Some of the moments just happen too quick to jot down.  Some of them are just too personal.  And some of them are just plain ridiculous. 

Regardless, it was a typical Mother's Day Weekend. 

And there's plenty of laundry and cleaning to do today . . .


Shauna said...

I am glad there were a few moments to take a deep breath and remember you are loved. Mother's Day usually bites here too, but since I tried this year to focus my gratitude for my mom and the other wonderful women--like you--who influence my own mothering style, I was a little less crabby about the "holiday". That, and we had people who lived with real, live, mohters at some point in their lives speak in Sacramant meeting rather than the ones who lived iwth Angels and goddesses. So, I'm not perfect, of course, just less crabby. I hope you had a moment to relax too. And thanks for your sweet email this morning. That made my Mother's Day moments linger a little longer today. :)

Leslie said...

Sounds like another Mother's Day for the books...I just want you to know that you were in my thoughts as I sat in my sacrament meeting on Mother's Day, singing..."Love At Home"!!! I miss you tons!!