Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ah! I'm finally past the point of having a three year old in the house. You remember how three year olds can be . . . .

Parenting specialists describe three year olds as:

. . . more cooperative and capable, (s)he exudes confidence and generally feels more at ease. Occasionally, (s)he may have setbacks, but for the most part, 3-year-olds are friendly, talkative and downright helpful. Oh, and yes, they want to see and do everything.
But I can pass that busy body stage up now that Emma has turned four. I get to look forward to:

Your relatively calm 3-year-old has grown into a firecracker. On occasion, his demeanor -- boisterous, bossy and belligerent -- may remind you of those turbulent toddler years.
For crying out loud, is there no reverting back to this stage?

Happy Birthday Emma!

And look forward tomorrow to photos from the big birthday party!

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Wendi said...

Oh my goodness is she cute?

So glad my tubes are tied because I am pretty sure I heard my uterus scream at me to have another one!

Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Mel said...

This is the cutest baby photo--so sweet and calming. Who would've guessed she would turn into the "firecracker" she is?!*

I can't believe she is 4--Happy Birthday Emma :)