Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Power of Three

Look who's been tagged . . . . ME

That's right! I'm IT!

Today you get to find so much more about me. Which is a blessing, since I never speak very personally on this blog.

Thanks to Kristy E. who tagged me on her blog, which is private. Which means it's exclusive. Which means I am in her exclusive group. Which means I was rude enough to ask to read it when she drove preschool car pool. Awkward!

Anyway, on to the Tag of Threes:

* Reading a good book in bed, with no interruptions

* Emma's sweaty curls on her pillow while she's sleeping
* Laughing so hard that I snort (which I do, whenever I see that Friend's clip from yesterday's post)


* That Josh and Ethan are going to suck the helium out of Emma's birthday balloons and get pneumonia
* That someone will break in the house while I'm taking a shower and I'll have to karate kick them and subdue them while I'm naked.
* That making snarky comments about other drivers on the road, will in fact, keep me from going to heaven

* Throw away birthday balloons today before the boys get to them
* Learn to shower fully clothed
* Reduce snarky comments

* Diner Dash
* Mob Wars
* Diet Coke Cans

* I have never owned an actual Barbie ~
* I love Gene Kelly. At one point I had memorized the year and title of every film he had been in.
* I have every note and letter I've EVER received during Jr. High and High School saved in a HUGE box.

Finally, I'd like to tag some other participants. People whom I'd love to hear their answers to these topics. And those people are:

My husband, Jeff -- sorry no blog, so you'll not see his answers

My neighbor, Damon -- sorry no blog either, but odds are he'll find away to give his answers

Sarah Palin, as played by Tina Fey -- that's just funny entertainment!

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Damon said...

* Sitting at Mac's football practice watching his skills develop.
* Moose Tracks Ice Cream as my friend Ted says "the only thing better than a bowl of ice cream is another bowl of ice cream"
* Visting with friends, reading about friends and seeing my friends have success. I am a huge collector of friends, I always want to know how they are doing and that I care.

* Being out of work
* That my parenting style is not the best thing for my children and that I am doing more harm than good.
* Being underwater and having to hold my breath and with that being in a confined space.

* Get down to 220 lbs by Thanksgiving (47lb loss since Christmas) So the joy of ice cream is only on the week end.
* Hike Timpanogas
* Fly first class to and from Hawaii

* Weightlifting
* other manly things

* I hate the song "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" It is not that I disagree with the words but the melody makes me insane!
* I did not know how to shift gears on a bike until my mission
* My dream vacation is a month in an RV, no map, no time frame, just drive and see where I end up.

Who would I like to see this from
My wife Jen
My best friend Nate
My brother Drew

Shauna said...

Well done! So, where's Jeff's post? Jeff, I'm waiting....and so are Wendy's other loyal readers.

:) Shauna

Mel said...

Yes..I'm waiting for Jeff's response as well as either Sarah Palin's or Tina Fey's!

This post is hilarious! I love it when you get tagged. I always get a good laugh... My favorite is your 3 fears and the matching goals!

So "funny!" ;)

Davis Family said...

You always make me laugh! So fun:)

kellieanne said...

Love Damon's response. So - yeah, Jeff, give it up!

kellieanne said...

Love Damon's response. So - yeah, Jeff, give it up!

Lisa Anne said...

You saved all my letters? I feel so loved. I have most of yours, too. (Not as good as you.) If you ever want a copy of any of them, let me know. You may not have the originals. those are definitely mine.