Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Long Will I Live?

Yeah, um - I'm paranoid.

So, of course when MSNBC had an article with "
14 signs You'll Live Longer Than You Think", I clicked on it quick. I figured with this helpful article I could divine my future death date and save years of worrying.

Sadly, no.

But it was interesting. Here's the signs you could live to be over 100:

1. Your Mom Had You Young.
Add a few years on my life, my mom is 22 years old than me! They say you double your chance to live to see 100 if your mom was 25 or younger when you were born. The best eggs get used first . . . . true even when you fix breakfast!

2. You're a T(ea) Lover.
Check! I love T-Shirts, I love T-Bone steaks and I even use to like Mr. T.

3. You'd Rather Walk.
Hello? I roll around my kitchen in an office chair. I'm to lazy to get off my butt and get my Diet Coke out of the fridge when I can just roll myself over there. (be right back . . . ) Subtract a few years!

4. You Skip Soda (Even Diet!)
I'm planning my funeral service as we speak. They suggest the caramel coloring is what's doing me in. I should drink either tea or sparkling water. Is life really worth it?

5. You Have Strong Legs
This is so me. The fact that my thighs are half the size of an elephants should speak to their strength! Add back the years from drinking soda.

6. You Eat Purple Food
Just when I thought this article was legit ~ Purple food? Come on. I do like the Skittles that come in the purple bag and grape slushies though.

7. You Were A Healthy Weight Teen
Let's not discuss this - I'm not in a good mental place yet . . . . .

8. You Don't Like Burgers
I don't like burgers. Really. I LOVE them! With lots of cheese and onions and juicy tomatoes. Wendy's is my favorite - I think they put extra salt on the meat too.

9. You've Been A College Freshman
Yay! I was one of those - for 3 months - then I dropped out - and got married - at age 18. That's got to add years to your life . . . or not.

10. You Really Like Your Friends . . . . .
It's true - I do really like my friends. No jokes, no sarcasm -- I am blessed. I dedicate my 98th and 99th years of living to them.

11. . . . . . And They're Healthy
Thank goodness for Jenny! I count her as a good friend and there is none healthier. She is adding years to my life just by her being healthy - I'm taking her a treat.

12. You Embrace The Challenge
I am an overachiever. Not only do I embrace the challenge -- I try to choke him it.

13. You Don't Have a Housekeeper
Tah-Dah -- No housekeeper here. Not even me.

14. You're A Flourisher
True Confession: I try to be a flourisher. Someone who tries to find meaning in life, enjoys family, nurtures spirituality and does things for others. Blogging is part of my flourishing - it's adding years to my life. Or at the very least, adding meaning to the years I am having.

Hope to see you all live to be 100!

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Damon Dodson said...

Way to use the name Jenny, that describes half the ward and so no one feels left out. ;)

tammy said...

Wendy--I hope you're around at least as long as I am. I require funny people around me.

kellieanne said...

15. You laugh a lot.

We all read Wendy's blog for a good laugh and thoughts we all wish we came up with outselves. I'll add 10 years to my life for blog stocking Wendy.

kellieanne said...

I meant blog stalking. Sorry, Christmas on the mind.

Nik said...

I PRAY I don't live to be 100. I don't want to see several generations of friends die before me and possibly my husband and children too. There's something to be said for not living so long. :)It all comes down to quality, not quantity.

Wendi said...

You. are. hilarious.

I think you will live longer just cause you are so darn funny.

I read that in some scientific study journal thingy.