Tuesday, October 21, 2008

" " = Funny

Okay, so no photos of the party yet. I'm too tired this morning to pull them up on the computer.

But last week while I was listening to UPR (Utah's version of NPR). . . .

By the way, what does the fact that I listened to UPR say about me?

Does it make me seem sensible?

Or knowledgeable?

What about bored?

Actually I was listening to TAMN from Seriously So Blessed do a blogging interview.

Anyway, while listening to UPR about blogging I surfed the blogosphere and came up with a blog that I like. It's all about the weird use of quotes. It seriously reminds me of my FAVORITE bit from Friends.

Anyway, the website for the quote blog can be found by clicking HERE

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Kim said...

ok, so I "looked" at this blog, and it was "hilarious." It brought back the memory of Chris Farley doing all of his "inappropriate" quotation marks. I'll have to find you a link to it. Trent and I were laughing so hard that we couldn't even keep a "straight" face while Travis said his prayers.