Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Spooks

I am finally revealing what my children are going to be for Halloween.

No, it's not been a huge secret . . . . . It's just that I delayed finalizing the costumes.

I use to be so good at doing Halloween. I handmade costumes for the boys for years.

Until . . . I burned out.

Now we do Halloween last minute. And frankly, it turned out okay!

Here's Emma as Princess Jasmine.

I'm still eeking out use to cover the $100 we shelled out for costume, makeup and hair when we were at Disneyland.

I am practically Mother of the Year with Ethan's costume.

After denying him the opportunity to be Link (from Legend of Zelda) for the last three years, I finally caved. And it worked out great.

Ethan thinks I walk on water now . . . . . .ah! Success!

Costumes for 13 year olds gets a little difficult. But we took home the gold with Josh's rendition of Michael Phelps. He wouldn't go shirtless and low rider with his jammer. Still, it worked pretty nicely.

Happy Halloween to you all!
Enjoy it while it lasts, because they are selling Christmas in the stores as we speak.

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Tori and Steve said...

Very cute! Way to go! The Link costume is way cute! I don't know who he his, but I like the costume!

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Micheal Phelps, with a shirt on of course! What a great kid! And Ethan ooks awesome too! You could put Miss Emma in a lunch sack and she would be darling! Happy haunting!

:) Shauna

kellieanne said...

I sometimes wonder why worry so much about what the kids want to be for Halloween - until the day comes and the kids get all dressed up and are - HAPPY AND PUMPED WITH GIDDINESS!

It's worth it - if nothing else but to help them remember how much fun WE are too!

Miss Mel said...

Your "spooks" sure look great! Awesome costumes :)

Jaime said...

Their costumes were awesome. What a cute bunch.