Monday, October 13, 2008

Party Planning

I have one mandatory thing to do today . . . . get Emma's birthday party planned!

Sound fun? It's not. It's torture.

In fact on the History channel the other day they talked about torture methods: the Iron Maiden, the Rack, and the Birthday Party.

My social anxiety level for an adult party is fairly significant, but for whatever reason a children's party catapults me out of my mind.

I'm certain that my entertaining skills can't measure up to a four-year-old's expectations. The hierarchy of "entertaining" ability looks like this:

1. The Doodle-Bops
2. Chuck E. Cheese
3. Barney
4. A Dog Licking Itself
5. Me

I think in the end I'm going to opt for a Halloween Birthday party. At the very least I'll be able to scare the kids enough to make us all feel the same!

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tammy said...

You crack me up Wendy.

Melanee said...

You are hilarious. Just take them all to Kangaroo Zoo. They do all the work and clean up themselves. And your invitations could be cute little socks (with the parental permission slips). Think of the fun Emma could have picking out socks for all her friends and then you would be in charge of just the cake.