Sunday, October 5, 2008

Personal History

My Aunt Pat is coming to town this month! I wish you could all meet her - she is amazing. Aunt Pat is coming for the Personal History conference being held in Salt Lake.

Pat is a writer, editor and also personal historian. She helped me through my first 'fashion show' appearance, she helped me realize that you CAN say the word 'guilty' too much on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Pat has an amazing collection of mail order catalogs and has given the BEST eulogy I've ever heard when my grandmother passed away. I really admire Aunt Pat!!

With all that said, if you have an inclination to write, a desire to write your personal history (or someone elses) or capture personal history in any method . . .you should check out the conference in Salt Lake!

Here's the link to the conference:


Here's a link to an interview the Daily Herald did on a Utah native who will be at the conference:


** Friends - I intend to go up for some of the conference to see the vendor displays. I am curious about what will be presented. If you are interested in hitching a ride with me -- email me **

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