Sunday, November 2, 2008

Google Me

Have you ever wondered who visits my blog besides you and the one other friend that I have?


Really? You haven't even been slightly curious about it?

Well, maybe you should've been curious about it, cuz it's interesting.

Oh, now you're interested?

Well, I don't want to tell you anymore who visits my blog besides you.

No, wait . . . . . come back! I'll tell you.

The other people who visit this blog find me by googling me. Yes! It's true!

The type in phrases like these and then Wa-La! they find my little ole' space on the internet.

"Is Your Dad A Terrorist?"

Clearly a lot of teenage boys wanting try out their pick up lines

"Neighbor Laundry Foto"

Damon, I think people are asking me to come over and take a photo of your laundry. . . .

"Have SpongeBob Call Me"

Hello? I don't deliver messages.

"How Often Are You Suppose To Get New Underwear"

Clearly you should change your underwear everyday. As for getting new underwear: "When In Doubt, Throw Them Out, and Buy a New Pair (or two)"

"Boy Swim Team Shave Party Blog"

The shave party is obviously not here on this blog. And I'm wondering if the parents are home on the blog they are looking for.

"Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall"

"Did Dr. Baker Have A Horse on Little House on the Prairie and What Was Its Name"

Sherry, I think someone is trying to find you -- the Queen of Little House trivia..

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