Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Found Interesting Today

1. World's Biggest Liar Competition. It was reported that most entrants are men, interesting.

2. Milwaukee's Christmas Tree Lost Its Top. I was recently in Milwaukee when this 'terrible' accident happened, interesting. (Actually I wasn't - that was a lie, interesting)

3. Team Root Beer. Emma has asked us all to wear these shirts, interesting. The model choice for these shirts is . . . interesting.

4. Latter-Day Saints Have An Image Problem. "Those who know one Mormon have a worse opinion of us than those who don't know any Mormons." I'm a Mormon, interesting.

What have you found interesting today?

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Leslie said...

I find it "interesting" that you have found so many things "interesting" so early in the day!! You amaze me and I find THAT "interesting"...

Shauna said...

Go Team Root Beer, unless it's Mormon Root Beer--of course I'm topless and lying. ;)

See you Saturday!
:) Shauna

tammy said...