Friday, November 21, 2008


Yeah, it's 1:15pm on Friday and I STILL haven't seen this movie yet. Can you believe it? OME! (Oh My, Edward!)

Instead I'm surfing around the internet looking at all the media hype about Twilight. I just have to share a few of my favorites with you.

1. A Beginner's Guide to Twilight. Hysterical article to get you up to speed.

2. Cleolinda's Blog. All things Twilight (some mature content I've heard) from young adult Cleolinda.

3. Twilight Moms. Mom's obsessing over the Twilight books. My favorite quote from their website: DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight?

I'm definitely not a Twilighter (unlike the obsessed KSL call-in lady who has read each book 15 times).

I clearly am above this kind of obsession and devotion to a book.

I think it's all rather funny, frankly.

So funny that I'm waiting until tomorrow to go to the movie with 20 of my closest friends! (high pitched squeal)


Leslie said...

Sure wish I was there to join you and 20 of your closest friends!! With that many going it is sure to be a good time, Enjoy~!

Nik said...

I'm seeing it tonight with my hubbie and date group. Should be fun! I'm so grateful for a husband who will go along, even for chick flicks. :)

Shauna said...

My DH feigned disappointment when I told him we wre all going to see it tomorrow. Nice guy.

Catch you at 6 at your place!
:) Shauna

Taffy said...

I WENT @ 10 AM....:) And I GET to go again @ midnight. I will buy lots and lots of chocolate not just to stay awake but to stay sane in the midst of the mob of teenage girls I'll be with.

kellieanne said...

I went to see it at 10 a.m. too. I can't wait to hear your review Wendy. I agree with Taffy, lot of chocolate is needed to stay sane midst the mob of teenage girls and believe it or not, lots of teenage boys. Have fun!