Friday, July 10, 2009

Better Glimpse

Emma is mad at me today

for not knocking on the neighbors door

to see if she could play.

I sent her up to the door by herself.

While I watched.

Emma said she's telling Heavenly Father on me.

And he's gonna be REAL mad.

I laughed.

Then she cried,

"You don't like me!"

My heart broke!

I professed my love.

And made her walk up to the door alone anyway.

I may, or may not, be in trouble with God.

Slightly better quilt photos than last night:

Note: Hornets no-likey being covered by quilts


Leslie said...

Wow Wendy, I love this quilt!! Can't wait to see the next one...

tammy said...

You are a mean mom. And I love your quilt even more now! I think it is growing on you also...

Piglet de' Erin said...

HOly Stink! I am so amazed and also seething in jealousy. I wish wish wish I could make something as beautiful and perfect and drool worthy. you are such an inspiration to me.

Peggy said...

Hahaha-- great story!!

And I love your quilt. The colors are so pretty! You did a fabulous job.